Collaborative Learning Community

Join the Community of Members of the ProEd/CMED Network


This community brings together the best minds in the industry and to share, learn and co-create in an open and fun environment. We do not show you the direction to go, instead we assemble the best people from the industry and are happy you joined us to collaborate and emerge together on the other side of this crisis.

As business education professionals our learning impacts not only us and our colleagues but also translates to experiences we create for our customers.

Budget cuts, uncertainty, travel restrictions, fragmented schedules, changing priorities – are just a few of the main issues your customers are facing. We need to innovate together to adapt to these shifts in customer behavior.

Why You Should Join

Collaborative Learning, Open Innovation, and Self-Management of Professional Development are on the rise and emerge as major trends affecting how professionals of the future will acquire knowledge and grow their skills. Thank you for joining an innovative community to learn together and experiment with emerging approaches to learning and program design.

ProEd with the help of other leading executive education professionals has designed the Collaborative Learning Community incorporating the above three trends. In addition to learning industry-specific content and participating in open innovation, you will experience this approach with an eye on implementing its elements into your programs.